#CRUApproved Facts: Raw Indian Hair

  1. Raw Indian hair is considered to be the finest and most natural quality of human hair because it has not been chemically altered or steamed
  2. Due to the raw nature of our hair, no one bundle, will have the exact same wave or curl pattern and the natural hair color may vary from bundle to bundle
  3.  Raw Indian hair is known for its versatility to adapt to and blend with your hair for the most natural look 
  4. Clarifying shampoos that are sulfate-free paired with a moisturizing conditioner are the best products to use on raw Indian hair.
  5. Utilizing the “air-drying” method for raw Indian hair results in its beautiful, natural curl pattern. 
  6. Heat protectant is a necessity while utilizing heat on your bundles. Remember, raw Indian hair is real hair from a donor so you want to nurture it as you would nurture your own hair
  7. Our Raw Indian hair is organically and ethically-sourced. It comes from a single-donor.
  8. Raw Indian hair blends well with several types of hair.
  9. Longevity of raw Indian hair is a major selling point in making an investment with our product. With proper care, raw Indian hair can last up to 4 years plus with proper maintenance.
  10. Due to the raw nature of our hair, raw Indian textures are limited to natural hair patterns (curly, straight, and natural wave).
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